4 ways real estate marketing should change in 2021

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The Covid-19 pandemic threw us all a curveball in the worlds of real estate and marketing. But the marketing that you used to navigate this challenging year won’t have the same power in the new year. Here’s why you should be thinking about how to update and enhance your marketing campaign for 2021. 

1. Covid taught us an important lesson in technology

The Covid pandemic made the way we communicate and connect with customers a very different field to navigate. But one of the biggest takeaways from 2020 is that we now have a variety of ways to connect with our audience. 

From Zoom property inspections and interviews to social media auctions and more, the internet has been the saving grace for the real estate industry. The power of these digital solutions isn’t likely to disappear when Covid does either. The ease at which customers can find, inspect and purchase property online is likely to continue to be popular into the future, thanks in part to the busy lifestyles everyone lives. 

Enhancing your email, social media, phone and text strategies, and using the power of technology, will allow you to continuously adapt to the changing ways of the world so it pays off to be comfortable with using it to your advantage now.

2. Your brand is not just your face

Your overall brand includes much more than just your face. In fact, your brand consists of the way you communicate to your past, current and potential clients. The way you respond to people, connect with people and speak to people online is more important than what you say to their face. 

What you say online and how this makes people feel about you and your brand is how people will judge your brand. You don’t have to be in the same room as someone for them to judge you and your brand and Covid made it easier than ever for people to cast these judgements online. 

Customers are going to continue to trust recommendations from trustworthy sources within their personal community and the online reviews your business receives. The way you respond to negative reviews is also going to play a part in how your brand presents itself. 

3. It’s time to swap out transactional marketing for relationship marketing 

In 2021, you won’t be able to rely on listings alone to build your profile. What’s more important than ever before is having a relationship with your clients. Covid left much of the world in lockdown for much of 2020 which left a lot of people feeling lonely and forgotten by brands. 

Building a relationship by informing and educating your prospective clients is how you can enhance your relationship marketing online. The real estate industry is still in high demand with more than 80% of people searching online for an agent to sell their home. 

The relationships you build early in your customer’s property cycle will reap rewards when it’s time to sell. While it’s a longer term marketing strategy, it’s likely to be a much more successful one. 

4. Blogging needs to be more valuable 

Blogging just for the sake of blogging has long been on the way out, but your content marketing strategy is still critical to your success online. Your content needs to help enhance your website SEO, traffic and online engagement. Sharing high-quality content that aims at educating your past, present and potential clients is what will help improve your brand credibility and trustworthiness. 

Marketing strategies that don’t benefit consumers or add value to their research are being phased out in 2021. Instead, you’ll need to focus your strategy on helping them and add value to their search for their next home.

The way you tackle your marketing in 2021 will need to reflect the lessons learnt in 2020, but you can achieve it by tweaking and enhancing your existing marketing strategy to bring you better business in years to come.