Top tips to stay positive during lockdown

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Being in lockdown may seem like a nightmare to some, however with the benefit of looking at how other states were able to manage, South Australians can take advantage of this time to relax, recharge and reinvent.

It’s a simple message to stay home, and while we may not be able to walk the dog or grab a takeaway coffee, we can finally tackle those jobs on the “to do” list but never seem to get around to, or simply have much needed time for ourselves and our family.

From the outside…

When was the last time you spent time in your backyard doing something as simple as reading a book in a comfy chair in the backyard? Spending time with yourself without the distraction of work or social media, does wonders for the soul. Plus you can catch up on the books you bought, or a podcast you have been meaning to get started. 

Why not get into some gardening? This activity will have you spreading your wings in the great outdoors – at least a little – and benefiting from fresh air. As well, your mental health can improve by simply watching something you’ve planted flourish and grow.

While you’re outside, take a walk around the house and have a good look at what could be cleaned or repaired. While we may not be able to go to the shops to pick up some paint, a good sweep can do wonders. 

Got the kids with you? Why not make a tent with some old sheets and some pillows and make a fun space for an afternoon in the backyard. This is a great time to have story time and get to know your family without the pressures of work and school. 

….to the inside

Lockdown is a good time to spring clean or plunge into ideas and schemes you’ve been putting off for years. With only so much Netflix and Stan to watch, some people are now picking a room each day to spring clean, including organising cupboards and similar spaces. 

Why not try drawing, painting or learning a new instrument. Or simply dive into a crossword puzzle or a board or card game? All of these activities are ideal for stimulating your mind while warding off isolation depression. And the more challenging they are, the better! Then there’s connecting with friends and family, either via Zoom or just over the phone. 

Have a look at the spare room. Open the junk drawer. Have you looked in the wardrobe where you have all of the clothes you’ll need “one day”? It might be time to tackle the challenge of clearing out those spaces to see what you might be able to donate, ditch or even repair to extend it’s life.

Perhaps most importantly of all, try to stick with a regular routine. Make the effort every day to wake up at the same time you usually do, eat well, exercise, get out of your PJs and get off the couch! Think differently and creatively, stay active mentally, and find positive things to do indoors and outdoors. We’re all in this together and we’ll get through it as best we can!