Why now is a great time to prepare to sell your home

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With lockdown restrictions slowly being eased, most of us still have more time at home. That’s why now is a great time to prepare to sell your home. With the property market tipped to start gaining momentum again soon, it’s important to have your house ready for interested buyers. 

What are buyers after?

According to industry researcher, CoreLogic, house prices around the country have not plummeted, despite a decrease in the number of transactions that took place during the Covid-19 lockdown. There were sellers who pulled their houses from the market and are likely waiting for more restrictions to ease before re-listing them, so it’s important to make your home stand out against the competition. In addition, most vendors are refusing to discount their asking prices, knowing that the market will strengthen again soon. With interest rates at an historic low, buyers are either looking for a deal or their dream home as they’re expecting fewer people to compete against. 

Start with decluttering and odd jobs

The time you have at home provides the best opportunity to start decluttering. Any items that you haven’t used, despite being home all this time, can probably go into the donation bin. Decluttering your home will also give you the chance to properly clean and disinfect your property prior to any inspections. Now is also a great start ticking those odd jobs off your list of things to do around the house. That might include repainting a room that’s looking a little worse for wear, or pulling the weeds out of the front garden. Use this time to check for any cracks in the walls too or spider webs around the windows. 

Get those renovations done

Now that restrictions have been lifted for many businesses, it’s a great time to take advantage of the construction industry. Renovating your home, or parts of your home, can add value to the overall sale as buyers won’t have to take into consideration any costs for repairs or updates. Something as simple as a bathroom renovation tailored towards families might be the difference between your home and a similar one on the market. 

Update the flooring

Sometimes your weekly clean of the floors simply isn’t enough. Use the time you have now to get the carpets properly shampooed and cleaned for stains or the hardwood floors refinished to get rid of any scratch marks or fading. Having cracked or broken floor tiles can also dissuade buyers so remove and replace those to make the flooring appear newer overall. 

Create a welcoming entrance and atmosphere

The front yard and door are the first things prospective buyers will see when they inspect your home, so make sure the area is clean, tidy and inviting. Consider whether the door needs to be repainted or needs a new handle, the garden needs replanting, or you need to rearrange furniture in your entrance way to make the house feel more modern. Remember to keep decorations and clutter to a minimum to create a more inviting and open atmosphere throughout the house. You might need to move furniture around to maximise the feeling of open space and light in your home. 

Once the Coronavirus restrictions have eased off further, there is likely to be a release of pent-up demand for property, so it’s important to be ready for it now. Use your time at home wisely and prepare your home for sale.