February 28, 2023

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Real estate at its core is a supply-and-demand business.  Our job, as Real Estate Salespeople is to increase the demand for our owner’s property.

If your property has been on the market for 90 days and has not sold, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why haven’t I had any offers yet?
  • How many other Agents from the company I listed with have been through my property with buyers?
  • I listed with ……… as they are number 1 in the area.  Is my Agent….. doing my Open Homes themselves as they promised?
  • What has my Agent been doing to get buyers to view my property?

As the market is changing and we are seeing more properties come to market, it is very important that you have an Agent whom you can trust.  Someone who walks the talk!

Remember … for every month your home remains unsold it costs you – the Owner.

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With warm regards,

Debbie Debbie Gordon Barfoot and Thompson