This week in Takamaki Makaurau September 16, 2022

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If you are a buyer in the Auckland market and looking to buy with a budget of up to $750,000 there are – according to – 2,567 results (as of today 16/9). 

Oh yes you are spoilt for choice. However, do you really have $750,000 to spend? 

Did you know that the longer you take to make a decision there is a high chance that your original loan amount from the bank may be affected. 

As there is now only 14 weeks left until Christmas it’s a good time to make those decisions.

With most offers being conditional upon lending, LIMs, builders reports etc, and title requisition all taking up to 15 working days, we are already into October.

Once October hits and the deposit is to be paid, you are looking at Settlement four weeks down the track.  If the home owner hasn’t found anywhere to live yet, they will be looking at stretching out the Settlement time. 

If you are a home-owner selling on the market and you do get that Offer you next have the job of finding somewhere else to live.  Who needs the stress of worrying about where you are going to spend Christmas?  Or are you going to be able to find that home close to the schooling you require?

Now is the time to make decisions!

With warm regards

Debbie Debbie Gordon Barfoot and Thompson