August 18, 2022

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Proposed ‘Intensification Planning Instrument’ (IPI) Plan Change 78 to the Auckland Unitary Plan (Operative in part)

As of 18th August 2022 parts of this Plan Change 78 have taken legal effect.

About the plan change

This proposed plan change responds to the government’s National Policy Statement on
Urban Development and requirements of the Resource Management Act. These mean
the council must:

  • enable more development in the city centre and at least six-storey buildings within walking distance of the City Centre, Metropolitan Centres and Rapid Transit Stops
  • enable more intensive development in and around neighbourhood, local and town centres
  • incorporate Medium Density Residential Standards that enable three storey housing in most residential areas
  • implement qualifying matters that reduce the required height and density of development where there is a feature or value that should be protected or avoided.

If you are currently in the property market it is worthwhile you check out the changes
in your area.