October 28, 2022

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This Sunday 30th October is Ambury Farm Day at the Ambury Regional Park, Mangere Bridge.   It is a wonderful opportunity for children to interact with farm animals.  There is also wood chopping, sheep shearing, historical farm machinery, farm rides, butter and felt making, kite displays and the General Collective Farmers’ Market. If the weather is as gorgeous as last Sunday, pack your lunch and take the kids along.  Free entry.

There is not much news on the Auckland City Council front.  Our new Councillors have now been “confirmed” and no doubt there will be a period of getting to know the “ropes”.

The month of October has been a busy time for me.  Another wonderful reference from a happy vendor – Murray Pratt.  I was fortunate to present Murray with two offers during his time on the market.  After continuing to work with one of the buyers an unconditional offer was accepted.

Debbie worked with me on the sale of my property from the initial listing in late August up to the sale this week. She understood my particular requirements in what has become a challenging market. Full discussions were had re my personal expectations, and options for the marketing plan were presented to tailor into my required timeframe. Her advice has been critical in gaining a successful sale.  Murray Pratt – 3/10/22

It is now seven (7) weeks until Christmas and when businesses close for statutory holidays.  If you have had your property on the market and have withdrawn it due to inactivity, but are still keen to sell, please give me a call.  Let me help you.

Have a lovely week.

With warm regards

Debbie Debbie Gordon Barfoot and Thompson