This week November 4, 2022

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I have been busy this week with pre-Settlement inspections.  It is important to remember that the purpose of these inspections is to ensure that all chattels are operational and the property is in the same condition, with less wear and tear as when the purchaser first viewed the property.

If you need to have work carried out on your new home before you move in and require quotes for this work, please ensure you get the owner’s permission for the tradespeople to come at the pre-Settlement time.   This is a common courtesy.  More often than not the owner is too busy organising their shift to have additional people walking around the property when Settlement has not been finalised.  Better still, ensure your Real Estate agent inserts a Clause under the Further Terms to allow you an additional visit to the home, prior to the pre-Settlement inspection.

There is a lot of excitement and anticipation in moving into a new home.  Spare a thought for the owner as everyone’s reason for selling their home is different and as the maxim goes – Every man’s home is his castle.

We are now heading towards the end of the year when we look forward to Christmas and summer holidays.  For some, however, this can be a stressful time of the year, particularly those families who are feeling the effects of the higher interest rates.

To help alleviate stress, below is the link for 65 Cost Saving Tips* – there are some awesome ideas, many of which I have implemented myself.  Why not have a family competition – see who can buy the best second-hand gift for Christmas? 

* 65 Cost Saving Tips – Tony’s View Special Survey January 2022

For those who love Christmas Carols don’t forget to book in your diary the following dates:  Carols on the Green (Sun 27 Nov) in St Heliers, Carols at the Kings (Sat 3 Dec) in Three Kings and Carols at Potters Park (Sun 11 Dec) in Mt Eden.

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