Getting the most from your Branded Voice articles

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Now that you have your content, how are you going to make the most out of your feed of regular, up to date, fresh articles?


When new articles are available on either your Branded Voice blog page, or on your own website’s blog/news section, you will be notified via email.

The email notifications will let you know when an article is uploaded to your blog, and will give you a link to click on so you can view the content.

This is a good time to read over the article and determine whether this is an article to share in your emails and social posts now, or perhaps keep it in your library and share it at a later date.

It’s also a good time to edit your articles and create your custom content. By editing your articles, you are creating a unique article with your voice relevant to your own community. Add in your thoughts as an agent, principal or property manager. Add in information about your local market and you will have custom, localised content ready to share.

Remember, not all articles are going to be relevant to your market today, so make sure you know what “books are in your library”.

If you want the email notifications to be sent to other people in your office, such as your Marketing Coordinator, please email us and let us know who to send the email notifications to.


Sharing your articles in your email newsletters is a great way to reach your passive property audience who are not actively looking to sell, buy or rent a property right now. 

When sending email newsletters through your CRM or email marketing tool it’s important to send informative and helpful information – not just the latest sold listings, or properties currently for sale. 

This is where your blog content is extremely useful.

There are several email marketing programs who we connect with to make it easy for you to add your articles into your emails. Make sure you get in touch with us to find out if your articles can be integrated into your email newsletters.

Alternatively, it’s quite easy to share your articles in your emails simply by adding the URL link of the original article into your email, or click on the email icon on your Branded Voice article.

Sharing your content helps to build your profile as the property professional who wants to educate and inform their market, not just focus on listing and selling properties.

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Speaking of spreading the love, share your articles on Facebook.

As the largest social media platform in  Australasia with approx 18M Aussies and almost 3M Kiwis using Facebook each year, this is where you can start your online relationship before you meet your next seller, buyer or investor face to face.

Make sure you’re adding good content on your Facebook Business page to engage with your local community. Don’t just post what you want to post – like your new listing or most recently sold property.

Think about what your local community will find useful, informative and educational. With only 0.5% of the market actively buying or selling at any point in time, there are a lot of Facebook users out there who simply don’t care about your listing posts.

What they might care about is what makes a kid friendly neighbourhood, or the reality of renovating

When adding posts to your Facebook page, always add links to drive traffic back to your own website. Don’t add property links from the portal sites as this is the quickest and easiest way for you to lose your property audience.

So, make sure you keep your Facebook page updated with a variety of content – not just your listings – and use your content to drive traffic to your website – not be a blue replica of your own website.


Even though it is the fastest growing social platform in Australasia, and is owned by Facebook, and can easily share your Insta posts to your Facebook page, please remember it is not Facebook.

Instagram was primarily built as, and still is, an image app designed to share photos across it’s audience.  As it becomes more commercialised, there will be a variety of ways to capitalise on what it can offer businesses – especially in real estate – so it’s important to understand how best to use it.

With almost 9M users in Australia and 1.7M users in New Zealand (2020) it is a great platform to share your images of incredible houses, but not so easy to share article links in the same way you do on Facebook.

This is why there is not a share icon for Instagram on The Real Estate Voice or Branded Voice articles.

You can’t include clickable links in the captions of normal Instagram photo posts so sharing article links is primarily done through your Instagram Bio. 

As Instagram only allows one URL in your bio, we recommend you use a listing service such as or so you can have multiple URLs showcased through your Instagram Bio. 

Many agencies have links to their own website, their latest listings, their team profiles, their blog page etc etc.  Check out our Instagram bio to see how we use

There are other ways to include links in your Instagram posts, however we recommend you get in touch with social media specialists who can help you make the most of the opportunities Instagram offers should this be your primary social media platform.


Linkedin is primarily used by business contacts who connect to each other to keep updated with relevant business news, updates, wealth and business opportunities. 

It’s not a replica of Facebook or Instagram so to post the same content across all three platforms is not recommended.

When sharing an article on LinkedIn, it’s important to think about what you will say in the post that will provide value to your connections.

For example, if posting an article about buying an investment property, add commentary that talks about the most recent investor you sold a property to; why they bought that particular property, what the process was like, and what the expected ROI would be. 

Speak to the business mind of your connections – no cat videos here please!


Remember the 3 C’s. Consistent Content Connects

Keep your content strategy simple, focused and targeted to your key demographic.  Share content consistently. Share content relevant to your market.  Share content in the channel where you can connect to your next buyer or landlord.