How to increase your online real estate leads

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How you engage and retain customers can make or break your ability to generate online real estate leads. If your social media posts are falling flat, your email subscribers are dropping off and your online listings aren’t getting the views they deserve, it might be time to reconsider your approach. Check out these 5 quick tips on how to increase your online real estate leads.

What do we mean when we say ‘online real estate leads’?

Before we get started on how to increase online real estate leads, we need to first understand what they are. Online leads usually come from a “contact us” form your potential customers fill out on your website, a live chat box, or a phone call they make, using the number provided on your website. These potential customers mostly come from direct engagement with your blogs and social media posts which lead them to your website. When interested buyers or sellers come to your website, they’ll contact you about your services. So, to create these leads, you need to increase the traffic to your website. 

Optimise your website

Optimising your website isn’t as simple as adding a “contact us” button at the end of every blog you post. Optimising can include using keywords and phrases that will help potential customers find your content in a search engine. It can also include increasing the number of landing pages you have – pages where you can direct your potential customers. Sending a thank you email for signing up to your newsletter adds both a personal touch and optimisation to your email campaigns. In addition, sending these email real estate leads to a thank you landing page which includes your social sharing buttons or a link to download a special offer also optimises your website. By making these optimisations, your website will be more user-friendly which helps to engage your audience and build your bread trust.

Optimising your website helps to increase your online real estate leads

Start blogging

Sharing blogs to your website is still one of the most effective ways to generate website traffic and turn that traffic into leads. Customers tend to be more engaged with and trust a brand when they have an informative blog on their website. Providing informative real estate content can establish you as an expert in the industry. Over time, people will see you as a resource and come to you for questions and more importantly, request your services. But with the average blog post taking a couple of hours to create and publish, it can be difficult to find the time to produce blogs regularly. Purchasing and downloading pre-written blogs from an online content marketplace, gives you access to optimised blogs that can be shared to your website, email newsletter and social media within minutes. 

Blogging helps to increase your online real estate leads

Create an email campaign 

If you haven’t already, creating and maintaining an email campaign is one of the most valuable tools for generating leads. The most important aspect of your email campaign is of course the content you share in your emails. Much like your blogs, your emails are designed to establish you as a real estate expert. Well-crafted content emails can help you get real estate leads in a practical way. The content you include in your emails should come from your blog, and therefore should be thoughtfully created or written by a professional such as those you’ll find on a content marketplace such as Partica. 

What blogs should I be purchasing? 

Your blogs should offer free real estate advice for people who are thinking about buying or selling property. By addressing your potential customer’s concerns or problems, you become a trusted source of information they can rely on when they need it. Think about your current client base and what questions they’ve asked you. A blog such as “how to buy our first home” will help first home buyers and “the difference between selling at auction and private sale” will help those looking to sell. Once you’ve found the right blog, download it, tweek it to suit your brand and upload to your website. Then, all you need to do is share it across your social media pages and in your email newsletter. 

Make the most of social media

Speaking of social media, don’t let your platform go to waste. Social media can help you find and attract new potential customers to your website. By using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to foster the relationships you have with existing customers, you’ll be able to reach their social network by encouraging them to share your content that can benefit their friends. In addition, sharing your website’s blog content in relevant social media groups can also help you increase traffic to your website, and in turn, increase your real estate leads. 

There are a number of ways you can optimise your approach to online content marketing to help generate online real estate leads and they all start with high-quality blog content. Don’t waste your time researching and writing content yourself – check out the easy ways to get content from The Real Estate Voice. Written by professionals with SEO optimisation in mind, the hard work is taken care of.