Insert Links to AgentBox E-Newsletters

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Links can be used to direct contacts to view a variety of things, in particular other websites or to documents and images. The following examples will cover inserting a link to a website.

1. Open an E-Newsletter Template

2. Click within the red dashed box to Edit an Existing section or Add a New E-Newsletter section from the Add Section drop-down

3. Type the text you would like to link, then highlight to select the text

4. Click the Insert Link icon

5. Enter the link in the Link URL box, and select the target we recommend Open in New Window

6. The text will now be linked. Click Save

7. You can test this link by clicking the Preview button before sending

* Note: please only preview if you have selected ‘Open in New Window’ as the target in step 5.

8. You can now send the E-Newsletter by selecting Send Now.