How to keep your winter power bill down

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With winter settling in across the country, many of us will be turning on the heater, taking longer showers and leaving our lights on a little longer, sending our power bills soaring. You don’t have to choose between freezing or paying higher bills though. Here are a few simple steps you can take to cut down your winter power bills. 

Be picky with your energy use

Get to know what products use the most energy around your home. The microwave is one of the most common culprits for draining excess energy when not in use. Simply switching it off when you’re not using it can help you save some dollars. Once you’ve identified the culprits around the home, switch them off or swap them out for more energy efficient options. 

Be smart about using heat

Before you reach for the heater, try warming up with extra blankets or keeping your home closed up when the temperature drops. If your floors are tiled or you have wooden floor boards, consider investing in rugs. When you do switch on the heater, make sure it’s energy efficient and you’ve closed all of the windows, blinds and doors. If you’re only planning on using the one room, close that off. Limiting the heat to just one room means you’ll use less energy overall. 

Upgrade to energy efficient products

Yoru fridge, washing machine and lights all consume energy year round, so now might be a good time to consider upgrading to more energy efficient options. While energy efficient options may cost you a little more than their lower energy rated companions at the register, they’ll help you save on your power bills in the long run. 

Insulate your home

One of the most common reasons Australian houses are so cold in the winter is a lack of insulation. When your home is properly insulated, the heat can’t escape once you’ve switched off the heater. In addition, insulation also helps your home stay cool in the summer, so it’s a win-win situation. Make sure your windows and doors are also well sealed. 

Make the most of the sunshine

Instead of relying on the dryer to dry your clothes, use your clothesline when you can. By hanging your laundry out in the sun, you’ll cut back on your power bill. If you’re finding the sun doesn’t quite reach your clothesline, you might need to have it repositioned. Alternatively, you can use a portable clothes hanger. 

Be water efficient

Installing a water efficient shower head will also help cut down the amount of money you spend on energy and water costs during your long winter showers. The Australian Government estimates that installing water efficient taps and shower heads can actually save a two-person household at least $160 a year on their energy and water costs. If you’re able to make the switch to gas hot water, rather than electricity, you may also save on your gas and electricity bills. Just be sure to do your research with energy companies before you make the switch. 

Don’t let your power bills get out of hand during winter!