How long does it take to sell a house?

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One of the questions that will often be asked when you choose to sell your home, is how long will it take to sell? There are commentators who will claim to know the science behind how long a property will stay on the market before a qualified buyer snaps it up. 

There are no fixed periods that can be predicted the length of time that a property will take to sell, however, there are several things that you can do as a seller to help ensure that the property appeals to the right buyer, at the highest price, in the shortest possible time.


Working with your agent and advice on pricing to get it right in the initial stages of the marketing campaign is essential in ensuring that your property appeals to the right buyer and gets the right attention earlier in the campaign.

If a property is not at the right price point, it can lead to further weeks on the market and reduce the number of interested buyers. Listening to advice and being realistic about the price based on comparable property sales will help to get the best possible sale price.

Be realistic about market changes

The property market is a constantly moving object and influenced by a number of factors, however, there are always buyers in any market, as long as you are realistic with market changes.

Our agents will work with you to advise of market changes that may impact the sale price and recommend price adjustments if they feel that it is necessary to achieve a sale for your property.

Maximise the property value

Prior to listing your property and the marketing campaign, our agents will recommend refurbishments or improvements to your property that may freshen the property and appeal to potential buyers.

While some improvements may be necessary, there are others that you may discuss that don’t proceed so that you don’t overcapitalise on your investment.

Researching the options and your budget will assist in making an informed decision on what improvements are necessary and what are more luxury items that won’t affect the sale.

Property styling is also any area that can help declutter your property and show the key features that buyers will look for when looking to purchase. Our agents can work with you to find the best options for styling and recommend the best vendors to help with the sale of your home.