How to create a buyer attractive home

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Attracting people to your home is key to getting a successful sale at a maximum price and there are some essential areas that potential buyers may look at when it comes to their list of requirements in living spaces and may ultimately determine if they choose your home to buy.

Be smart about areas you focus on

It may seem tempting to invest in changing spaces to make areas larger or create a specific use for one area, however, it is wise to treat the property like a blank canvas as many buyers will have different ideas for how they would use the living space.

Rather than limit the number of buyers that may show an interest in the property, keep an open mind and options around your spaces to appeal to more buyers.

Consider your living spaces

Many buyers will look at the functionality of the living spaces in the home and test their versatility against their requirements as a buyer. They may look for areas like more storage options, or hidden storage and areas for a home office that may integrate into living spaces. 

Larger bedrooms to allow children more space to move or play and clever bathroom and laundry solutions that incorporate elements of areas like mudrooms are sometimes options that will attract potential buyers.

What is the energy rating

Sustainability is no longer a buzz word and many home buyers will look at the energy ratings that a property has and if sustainable measures can be easily installed or upgraded on the property.

Think of areas like window glazing and compliance, solar energy, water efficiencies and electrical efficiencies like LED lighting throughout the home. If these are already installed, they may help with attracting buyers at the best price.

Focus on the wow factor rooms

If you do decide to invest in improvements prior to sale, look at the rooms that buyers will look to for the wow factor or the luxury inclusions in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. 

Does the kitchen have a butler’s pantry or integrated appliances, is there a deep bath in the bathroom and more than one bathroom on the property? If you have pool areas or are close to the beach, are there outdoor showers to rinse off and change before heading into the property?

Before looking to make changes or upgrading your home, talk to one of our sales agents about recommendations that they have and the difference this may make to your sale price.