Preparing for a successful property sale: 5 tips

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Selling a home involves various considerations ranging from repairs, finding the right agent, presenting the property well, to deciding where to move next. However, there are five additional areas that homeowners should take into account before or during the selling process. These include understanding the current market, building trust with the agent, checking tenant and property history, and providing access details for future owners.

Do your research

One of the critical aspects of selling a property is researching the current market. Homeowners should have a good understanding of the property market in their area, including recent sales and pricing trends. They can investigate the real estate portals to get an idea of properties listed or sold in the neighbourhood before engaging an agent to sell. This knowledge can help them come to an agreement on the eventual list price.

Establish trust between you and your agent

Another crucial factor is building a good relationship with the sales agent. Homeowners need to trust their agent to assist them in making one of the most significant transactions of their lifetime. If they have questions or doubts about the agent’s experience or the process, they should not hesitate to ask for clarification. This way, they can feel comfortable with the process and satisfied with the final sale.

Review the obligations of the owner and tenant

If the property being sold has a tenant, homeowners should check the tenant and owner obligations with their property manager. This information may include access to the property for inspections and notice periods required once the property sells. Depending on the circumstances, homeowners may choose to sell the property tenanted or provide the tenant with notice before selling. The lease terms and tenancy details should be communicated to the sales agent and solicitor before the sale as this may affect the type of buyer interested and the terms of the contract exchange.

Conduct an inventory of keys and access details

Before settlement, homeowners should conduct a stocktake on keys and access devices such as garage remotes and alarms. This process will ensure that all keys and devices are handed over to the new owner, including any spare or duplicate keys. In some cases, homeowners may find that some keys do not fit the locks or are missing, requiring them to take action to replace or repair them.

Review the property history and requirements

Homeowners should check the property’s history and requirements before selling. There may be caveats or requirements listed over the property that may affect the sale or attract a different type of buyer. For instance, some properties may be heritage-listed, while others may have restrictions over potential development applications or renovations. It is essential to be transparent about this information before the sale so that potential buyers can make informed decisions.

Speak with one of our sales agents to stay up-to-date with the latest sales and trends in your area. If you’re unsure whether to keep or sell your property, our sales team can also provide you with the information you need in order to make the best decision.