Sharing your articles on Facebook

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Why should you share your content on Facebook?

Simply because this is where the majority of your potential buyers, sellers and investors are!

As the largest social media platform in  Australasia with approx 18M Aussies and almost 3M Kiwis using Facebook each year, this is where you can start your online relationship before you meet your next seller, buyer or investor face to face.

How do you share your content on Facebook?

You can share articles in one of two ways:

  • If you’re sharing your article from your Branded Voice blog, simply click on the Facebook share icon on the page and share it to your Facebook account.
  • Alternatively you can copy the URL of the article, and paste it into a new Facebook post. 

Should you add in your own comment before sharing?

Yes please!

This is your chance to start the conversation with your Facebook audience so make sure you’re adding in a comment or question to encourage the conversation. 

Posting an auction article? Why not add in your comments on how auctions are currently going in your market, or even say something like “Have you been to an auction before?” Use your post to start connecting with your Facebook followers.

Don’t forget to like an d reply to any comments – good or bad.

Should you post to your personal or business Facebook page?

Business first, personal second.

Best practice is to add the post to your business page first so then you can share the post via your personal page and share your posts to a wider audience than to just those who like/follow your business page. Encourage your team to share the posts from your Facebook business page onto their personal Facebook pages to increase the reach of your post.

Should you share content such as listings and agent profiles that are already on your own website?


When adding posts to your Facebook business page, always add links to drive traffic back to your own website. Please don’t add property links from other portal sites instead of your own listing on your own website, as this is the quickest and easiest way for you to lose your social audience to your competitors.

Is it easier to post something on Instagram and have it feed over to Facebook?

It’s easier, but they are different platforms with different audiences.

Instagram was built as a photo and video sharing social networking service. Facebook was built as an online social media and social networking service.

Fundamentally they are 2 different platforms with different objectives so what you do on Insta should not be what you do on Facey.

How often should you post?

That’s up to you – but make sure you keep it consistent, useful and relevant to your market. 

Some recommendations are at least 4 times a week or even 4 times a day – just whatever you do, make sure it is sustainable – or even better, make it scheduled!

What is an easy way to save time with posting on Facebook?

Get familiar with scheduling posts on your Facebook Business page.

You don’t have to manually post on Facebook every day.  You can easily schedule posts with content that is already published on your website, such as your blog articles, suburb profiles, team profiles and of course, your sale and rental listings.

Visit this Facebook Business Help article to learn more.

Can you give me some tips?


Get in touch and we can take you through some ideas that might be useful. Just email us at