Updating your Branded Voice articles in WordPress

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Updating your articles with information about your office and your local market is strongly recommended prior to sharing  your articles in your email newsletters and social media posts. 

Once your login details are sent to you, start editing your text and adding local images using the below information as a guide. 



Once you are logged in you will be presented the homepage of your Wordpress blog site.

Click on Posts in the left navigation bar and you will be presented with a list of current articles published on your branded voice blog page.

brev post

To find a specific article, use the Search Posts function or click on the arrows to see all of the other articles published on your blog.

Once you find the article you wish to edit, hover your mouse over the article title and you will see a new menu where you can select Edit.

brev post 2

You will be presented with the original article where you can now edit this article.  Do this by:

  1. Editing the text – find the text you want to change/add/delete. Once you have finished editing, click on
  2. Save and then click on  and
  3. Click on Update and your article will be published on your blog page.
brev post 3

To view your updated article, either click on the “View Post” notification that will appear at the bottom of the page just after your article is updated or

Click on the Preview button at the top of the page and select  “Preview in a new tab” to display your newly updated article.

brev post 4

If you wish to keep editing the article, simply go back to the Edit Post tab and continue editing the article until you’re happy with the article.


All articles (posts) from The Real Estate Voice have a feature image. If you want to change the image, please follow the below instructions.


  • In the side menu, find Feature Image and click on the ^ to display the current image
  • Click on Replace Image 
brev post 5
  • Click Select Files on the next page and upload your new image
  • Click on Set featured image 

You will be directed back to the post where you need to click on Update in order to save the new image onto the post.

brev post 6


All articles (posts) from your chosen categories of The Real Estate Voice get automatically published in your own Branded Voice. The only way to remove a post and prevent it from getting published again is to set it to Draft by making a Quick Edit.


  • Find the title of the article that you want to remove / unpublish
  • Select Quick Edit below the article title
Removing an article 1


  • Update the Status from Published to Draft
  • Click on the Update button
Removing an article


When you’re finished updating your blog posts and you wish to log out, simply close the Tab or navigate to your profile and select Log Out.

Logging out is recommended so you aren’t automatically logged back into Admin mode the next time you visit your Branded Blog page. 

pasted image 0


Once you’re happy with the way your article reads, share your article in your email newsletters and social media posts simply by clicking on the icons on each article.

Alternatively if you have an email marketing tool you wish to connect your articles with, get in touch so we can provide the necessary information to your provider.


If you have any questions or problems updating your Branded Voice blog website, email us at info@therealestatevoice.com.au

This information is also available via the WordPress Support page – click here to visit WordPress Support to learn more.