The new home inspection

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With open home inspections banned under federal social distancing restrictions in a bid to control the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been working to change and adapt the way we showcase properties. While the unprecedented shutdowns have disrupted Australia’s property market for the foreseeable future, home inspections can still take place. They just look a little different now. 

Virtual inspections 

We have access to innovative ways to inspect and showcase properties online. The new virtual home inspections are used alongside online property portals (such as Domain and and social media platforms. These websites and social media apps will continue to be the main way buyers browse, discover and shortlist properties, but we’re using the latest technology in detailed video walk-throughs, 3D models and virtual house tours to enhance property listings with interactive features.

  • Virtual inspection meetings: We can arrange virtual inspections and tours using apps such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom and Skype. This allows us to talk face-to-face with potential buyers and answer any questions they have immediately. 
  • 3D model: We can also use 360-degree cameras to provide a detailed 3D model of the property, room-by-room. This allows buyers to view every angle of the property from their computer or mobile phone. 
  • Video listings: We’re also recording longer video walk-throughs of the property, starting at the front door and working our way through the entire property, to the backyard. This allows us to explain and point out interesting features of the property in much more detail.

The 3D models, virtual house tours and longer videos we record can be embedded in the image carousel of  your online property listings, shared to YouTube and social media, and emailed to interested buyers who request more detailed information. 

Physical private inspections 

Private inspections can still be arranged during certain time periods but there are stricter measures in place to protect all parties. Surfaces must be disinfected and doors must be opened prior to the inspection so that we and the inspectors don’t have to touch anything. We will offer gloves and ask inspectors not to touch anything, and advise that they keep their hands in their pockets. Following the private inspection, surfaces must be wiped down and disinfected to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

While traditional open home inspections are banned, they’re not completely cancelled. Technology provides us with a number of opportunities to showcase properties virtually and creatively and we’re taking extra precautions when hosting private inspections.