What to look for in a virtual property inspection

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While it might not be what you’re used to, inspecting a property virtually doesn’t have to be less informative or detailed than a physical inspection. Technology has improved and we’ve been using ingenious ways to conduct open inspections, from 3D virtual tours for listings through to a simple Zoom meeting, Facetime call or Facebook Live. Realistically, virtual inspections are very similar to physical ones and the same inspection process can take place, just without the physical presence.

How to navigate a virtual inspection

Virtual inspections can take shape in a number of ways, thanks to the technology we have access to. You’ll be able to see the property from a range of angles. With a video recorded inspection, we’ll take you on a digital walk through or tour of the property. It’ll be similar to the way we take buyers through a property in person, only you’ll be able to stay home. 

When using 3D models, you’ll be able to use your mouse or keyboard to walk through and navigate the property at your own pace. This allows you to get a feel for the flow of the home. It also allows you to view the floor plan from a birds’ eye view to better understand the layout of the home. Online measuring tools also provide an easy way to measure bedroom sizes and plan furniture layouts, without needing to bring a tape measure along. 

More time to inspect

With a virtual inspection, you have more time to inspect the property. Take your time to look at each room and the layout of the property carefully. If you’ve requested an online meeting with us while we’re visiting the property, we’ll be able to answer your questions in real time. We’ll also be able to take you to specific rooms or sections of the property you’d like to spend more time inspecting.  

Inspect what you would normally inspect

When you’re looking at a property in person, there are things you’re already on the lookout for. It might be the opportunities to renovate, or maybe you’re looking for storage space. Whatever it is, make sure you’re still looking for that in the virtual inspection. Ask us for a virtual tour of the front of the house and the street it’s located on, or close ups on specific rooms or areas of the property if it’s going to help you decide whether the property is right for you. 

What if I still want to inspect a property?

You can still request a private physical property inspection but there are some limitations to these inspections depending on the state or territory social distancing rules that are in place. For example, in Victoria, only two people (the real estate agent and one prospective buyer) are allowed in a property and if that property is occupied, the occupants must not be present but cannot be asked to leave just for an inspection. Instead the inspection must be coordinated with the occupants’ schedule of leaving for a legitimate reason. 


We’re also taking extra precautions when taking potential buyers through a property by wearing gloves, having doors and cabinets open prior to the inspection and taking note of any areas that have been touched during an inspection. We’ll also ask that you keep your hands in your pockets to avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily. 


While virtual inspections are recommended in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, they don’t have to limit what you view.